Stamps and Faithful Marriage

  Until around 1970, these stamps (Quality or Green) could be collected and “redeemed” for small appliances or such. They are significant to me because my wife’s family was driving to redeem some stamps when they saw me hitchhiking and picked me up. The rest is history! 51 years of …

Yellow Jacket Stings

Yellow Jacket Stings

If you didn’t know, yellow jacket stings hurt – a LOT! A humorous (true) story Yellow Jacket Stings Today, I got caught …

Food Portions

Food Portions

Have you ever considered how many natural foods come in single serving sizes?  Here are some examples that come to mind (random …

malapropism examples

Brothers Malaprop

A malapropism is the “misuse of words ridiculously, especially by the confusion of words that are similar in sound.” Explanation & examples included in this article by Archie Bunker, Yogi Berra, Stan Laurel, & present-day, famous people. Hilarious!

Lose 3 Pounds in 30 Minutes

Lose 3 Pounds in 30 Minutes!

Anyone can lose weight! I will show you how to lose 1-3 pounds in less than an hour. This morning, I lost 2 pounds before breakfast! And it is not expensive.

sugar powered cars

Cars Powered By Sugar?

Could automobiles run on sugar rather than gas?   This sounds strange but it could be considered “thinking outside the box.” According …