Prayer Answered

Update Jan 16, 2011

I consider it “prayers answered.” It has now been four days since surgery. Still no pain medicine and no more pain than what I experienced prior to surgery! And, I was able to remove the bandages this morning and take a full shower!

I have good use of my right arm (the surgery was on the right shoulder). I can use it to type, eat & do most light-duty stuff as long as it does not require me to move my hand above my eyes or turn my arm to the side or back. I also have to be careful about the weight that I attempt to carry or the strength that I try to express with my hand. My doctor said that I can just allow my body to tell me when I am going too far – and it does. And since I am not taking pain meds, I can TRUST my body to tell me the truth about pain.

For all of this, I am thankful. Thankful to all my friends who prayed (& continue to do so), to my doctor who clearly did an excellent job with the surgery – but most of all to my Father, God who ENABLED it all!

I do not expect to write any further updates on this. Unless I tell you otherwise, I am healed – and I am well on my way to recovery!

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