Almost Recovered

Praise God for healing grace!

Just about 5 weeks ago (on Jan 12), I had surgery on my shoulder for a bone spur, arthritis, and a torn rotator cuff. The surgery went well and my recovery has been amazing!

  • I have not had any pain medication since I left the hospital. There has been a small amount of pain but it has been less than what I experienced prior to surgery.
  • I went back to the surgeon after 4 weeks and he said that I was far advanced beyond what most experience. The range of motion now is almost back to “normal” (for a 66 yr old man). I carried a 5 gallon can of gas with that arm  (almost 45 lbs) a few days ago and felt no pain.
  • Yesterday was my first day in therapy. It went well and I had to tell the tech to give me a heavier weight every time. Today, I went back and my range of motion has increased 10 degrees since last week!

Thank God that He still heals, sometimes with doctors and at other times without them. Either way, all healing comes from God!

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