Lose 3 Pounds in 30 Minutes!

Anyone can lose weight!

In this article, I will show you how. You can lose 1-3 pounds in less than an hour. This morning, I lost 2 pounds before breakfast! And it is not expensive.

Disclosure Notice: I am NOT selling expensive exercise machines, special diet foods, my book, or ANYTHING! I am not even recommending this kind of weight loss. This is just a public notice that weight loss is possible if you really want to – but do you really WANT to?

Lose 3 Pounds in 30 Minutes


There is a limit to the amount of weight that a person can lose but it is considerably more than you might think. The average person can duplicate the examples that I mention here. How? By exercise.

So, what kind of exercise will cause me to lose that kind of weight? Well, it takes about 3500 calories to equal a pound of fat (about.com). You use about 700 calories per hour doing high intensity aerobics (Lisa Balbach). So, if you just do five hours of high intensity aerobics (non-stop), you will have used enough calories to burn one pound of fat! That is NOT something that I am going to do!

Richard Simmons sells DVDs under the title, “Sweating To The Oldies.” That is close to what we are talking about – but the type of music is unimportant. The SWEAT is what does it! Are you willing to sweat? If so, you can lose weight!

I discovered this process when I was running a few years back. I ran for about 30 minutes during my lunch break. There was a set of medical scales in the locker room and I weighed myself before going out one day. Then I weighed myself when I returned from a 3.5 mile run (about 30 minutes). I found that I weighed 3 pounds lighter than before. It was noontime on a hot summer day here in Southeast Louisiana. What had happened was that I had SWEAT off three pounds.

The old saying is, “A pint’s a pound, the world around.” Meaning that a pint of water is not just 16 ounces liquid weight – it is also 16 ounces physical weight. So, I had sweat 3 pints of water. That is NOT a good thing!! Everyone should re-hydrate themselves when they exercise. If you start to feel faint or dizzy – or if you stop sweating, you are likely getting close to heat fatigue – or even heat stroke! DRINK PLENTY OF WATER WHEN YOU EXERCISE!

Again, I am NOT suggesting that anyone use this technique for a weight loss plan. Although exercise is essential for everyone – especially if you want to lose weight, any loss of fluid is only a temporary weight loss. Stop by the Circle-K and get one of those 32 ounce “Big Gulp” drinks and you will GAIN two pounds (plus the extra calories that it contains).

The purpose of this article is to  warn you about how your intake and outflow of liquids (and solids) can – and does – affect your weight. Such factors are very important if you are trying to accurately measure your weight. In order to get a reasonably correct measure of your weight, all measurements should be done under very similar circumstances each day. Just drinking a cup of (calorie-free) liquid will increase your weight by 8 ounces (or 1/2 pound). Likewise whether you used the bathroom or not has similar effect.

The best plan that I have found for accurately measuring my weight is to weigh myself in the morning AFTER my “constitutional” but before I intake any food or liquid. That process is pretty easy to duplicate each morning. Even then, my weight will fluctuate a pound or two based upon what I ate or drank the night before. Take a few days average to determine your real weight. Don’t be fooled by a few ounces (or even a couple pounds) of weight loss – unless it is consistent over several days. Considering all the variables that effect our weight, it is totally ridiculous to speak of weight gain or loss in terms of less than a pound. (Eg., “I lost 2 and 1/2 pounds yesterday/last week/whatever.”)

Actually, this article is a celebration of the miraculous machine that houses your soul. Your body is able to use its internal water and convert that to sweat that moves heat from your body to the atmosphere. Indeed, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Bible, Psalms 139:14).

Additional tips on weight fluctuations are found here: http://nutritiondiva.quickanddirtytips.com/weight-fluctuation.aspx

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