Talk about bad movies! Statistics show connection between movies and death!

Are movies so bad that people kill themselves after watching one?

Did you know that there is a strong correlation (link or connection) between the amount of money spent on theater tickets and the number of certain suicides? According to the Tyler Vigen website (Spurious Correlations), the correlation has a factor of .81 (1.0 would be an exact correlation.)

talk about bad moviesBad movies

Of course, most movies are not nearly that bad! ┬áMaybe those suicides were the result of not having enough money for food and medicine after paying for the tickets. ­čÖé

The real truth is that there is likely no CAUSAL connection what so ever. (Neither causes the other.) It is just a coincidence. But how many times do we assume that one thing causes another just because the two events are related in some way. ┬áHave you ever assumed that a particular food caused you to have heart burn? How do you suppose that walking under a ladder became “bad luck”?

By the way, there is also a strong correlation between the consumption of ice cream and the commission of serious crimes! Well, you know what Mark Twain said about lies and statistics… (see it here)

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