Yellow Jacket Stings

If you didn’t know, yellow jacket stings hurt – a LOT!

A humorous (true) story

Yellow Jacket Stings

Today, I got caught in a nest of yellow jackets. They stung me at least 4 or 5 times on my face and ears plus more on my arms. And, I am in pain. A LOT of pain!

I am usually not a crybaby about pain. I am writing as a way to re-focus my mind on something else. It is NOT working and I am about to start crying! 🙂

Yellow Jacket Stings

I managed to kill ONE of them!

The fiasco will be kinda funny when the pain subsides:

The insects hit me while I was working outside. I suppose they had a nest in the ground and I stepped on it or something.

They stung me on my ear and I tried to swat them off. Unfortunately, when I did that, my glasses came off and I could not see much. I was swatting the insects, rubbing the pain of the previous sting, dancing around trying to avoid the critters (did not work – they stung me a few more times), and searching for my glasses (I see men as trees without them)! If someone had been watching, they would surely have been forced to laugh out loud!

At the same time, I could hear nothing but the swarming of insects around my head. And, in the battle between me and the insects – they were clearly winning!

I finally gave up on searching for my glasses. I went inside to dig some old glasses out of my chest of drawers. At least two insects followed me into the house and stung me some more while I was in the bedroom – before I could find my old glasses. It just did not seem fair for them to chase me into my bedroom and strike me while I was nearly blind!! After I found my old glasses, I was able to kill those two.

Evidently, the venom was having an effect on my thinking by this time. I went back outside to look for the lost glasses – now that I could see a bit. As soon as I arrived on the scene, the insects scored again!

Well, I found the (now broken) glasses. The score now stands at 2 yellow jackets dead vs. numerous stings on my head and arms, etc. I don’t think I get the prize. 🙂 They got me on each ear, on my left eyebrow, on my left cheek, and on a few other places.

Well, the re-focus thing (mentioned above) is still not working. So, in order to make this post a bit more worth-while, I will report some of the things that I found on the Internet about yellow jacket stings:

  1. If you are allergic, use your epi-pen
  2. If you start having difficulty breathing, then you are probably allergic (see #1)
  3. If you get nauseous or have stomach pains, you are probably allergic (see #1)
  4. If you are allergic and don’t have an epi-pen (or even if you do have one), seek professional help and try to stay calm
  5. If the swelling is more than about 4″ diameter, you are probably allergic (see #1 and #4)
  6. If a rash develops around the site, you are probably allergic (see #1 and #4)
  7. If you are not allergic, then take some benadryl (it may help a little until the paramedics arrive)
  8. If the benadryl doesn’t help, take some ibuprofen for the pain
  9. If #8 does not help, try an ice pack on the site(s) to reduce the swelling and try #8 again (not really)
  10. If #9 doesn’t help, try re-focusing your mind on something else and forget the pain
  11. If #10 doesn’t help, just man up and endure it.
  12. If you can’t get #11 to work, just do what I am doing… start crying 🙂 the paramedics will be here soon – you *DID* call 911, didn’t you? I didn’t tell you to but these yellow jacket stings hurt – a lot!

If this sounds familiar, leave a comment. Or, if you let a smile cross your face while reading this, leave a comment. I promise, I will not get mad. I don’t know how long the pain will last but when I read your comments, maybe that will help – nothing else has worked. 🙂

Update: after 3 hours, 3 benadryl, and 3 ibuprofen, I can now say that yellow jacket stings hurt – they hurt a lot. And 3 hours doesn’t make much difference!

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