Gas Grills and White Washed Tombs

Gas Grills and White Washed Tombs

Back in the spring, my mother suggested that she would like to give me a BBQ grill for my birthday. I mentioned that I would prefer a gas grill and she said to find what I liked.

gas grills and white washed tombsI started shopping, both locally and online. The grill that seemed to have the best ratings was the Broil King. I looked at the different styles and features and finally found one that I liked. The one that I found (at a reasonable price) was their Signet 20 model. My mom agreed to the $359 price, so we went to the local store and bought it.

The grill looked great and worked even better! But after a few hours use, the flames turned orange and got so small that I could no longer cook with it.

I decided that the propane bottle was empty (duh). The nearest place to get a refill was the dollar store. They have an exchange for propane bottles so I paid for a replacement (full) bottle. I took it home, connected it – and found that the flame was still unusable!

That suggested that something was wrong with the grill. In frustration, I looked at the Broil King website and found that several others have had similar problems. Some had decided to return the grill for a refund. I did find a small item in the FAQ that suggested I was doing something wrong. But even after fixing that, the flame was still too small.

I owned another propane bottle and later in the week, I took it to the lumber store and had it filled manually. When I put the filled bottle on the grill, it worked fine.

I returned to the lumber store and asked the man why their bottle worked and the exchange bottle did not? He explained that you must vent (purge) the old air from the bottle before you fill it. He said that sometimes the exchange bottle companies did not purge the bottle before filling it.

When they fail to release the air in the bottle, it gets compressed during filling. What you actually end up with is a bottle with a little propane gas at the bottom of the bottle and a lot of compressed air at the top. The bottle still weighs 40 pounds but there is less propane than it should be. And, since air is lighter than the propane, it rises to the top of the bottle and is fed to the grill before the propane is used. Hence, I was trying to burn compressed air in my grill!

Sometime later, I got to thinking about that and I realized that it is an analogy for a lot of people. Their bottle (outside appearance) has been painted and appears to be brand new. But inside, they only have a lot of compressed air giving the appearance of being new.

Jesus died on the cross to clean us up (from sin) and give us eternal life. The Bible declares (2 Corinthians 5:17) that we become a new creation and the old is gone. But, unless we allow Christ to purge us (from our past sins), we may be no more than “whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean” (Matthew 23:27).

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