This site is my FUN blog

Here, you will find FUN stuff, notes about my FAMILY, or TRAVEL, etc. If you do not know me personally, some of this will not be particularly valuable. Actually, NOT A LOT OF STUFF here will particularly “important.” Those things will usually be on one of the other sites that I write.

What you will find is some tongue-in-cheek stuff that I have read, wrote, or discovered. When I want to share it with others, I will put it here. That may include links to other sites, articles that I write, photos I have taken, videos that I shoot, or links to some that I have really enjoyed.

However, this site will always be FAMILY-FRIENDLY – as all sites on CDN Today must be. So, if you know (and kinda like me — or if you don’t), then go ‘fer it! There is some real FUN STUFF here 😉 .

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